My Mission:
Help podcasters create the content that serves their community by providing resources, coaching and other services to execute their vision.
Plan Her Podcast - 2020 Goals
The DIY Guide

Get Your 2020 Plan Her Podcast Guide & Mini Course to help you launch your podcast. This is the perfect DIY solution to get started on your own.

Plan Her Podcast - 1 on 1 Coaching
1 on 1 Coaching

Build your own coaching adventure. I can help you craft your podcast message, manage your setup process or jump on the phone for an hour. I'm here to coach you to the finish line.

Plan Her Podcast - The Podcast
The Podcast

Listen to my podcast here! If you aren't ready to invest in getting started, or if you are still on the fence, start with my podcast and YouTube tutorials.

Hello, I’m Jamie Marquez-Bratcher

You’ll typically find me in a conversation where I’m talking too much, with a cup of coffee and planner in hand.

With a gift of gab, a passion for organization, and a love for being creative in my day planner. My first podcast was Planner Girl Chatter for my hobby and I feel in love with creating content in this way.

I quickly realized that this was a tool business owners should be leveraging that was perfect for so many people I knew already.

Today I help business owners build podcasts focused on their goals and provide support 1 on 1 and tools via my podcast an YouTube to help them make this possible.